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How Safe
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Side Effects

"Avghi has been a godsend to our family. She is very experienced, wise, insightful and sensitive which enables her to consistently choose the remedies that will most benefit our young daughter."

To date homeopathic remedies have no know side effects. Not one single dose remedy has ever been removed from the shelves or discontinued. The FDA has not recalled any homeopathic single dose remedy. Homeopathic remedies have never nor will they cause death. LEARN MORE…

A Solid Foundation for Your Health

Homeopathy provides a solid foundation for your health and provides an alternative treatment that can help you feel like the person you used to be. LEARN MORE…

Disease and Homeopathy

In homeopathy it becomes clear that disease comes from inside. The cause of disease is seen as coming from desires and the disappointments and fears arising from them. The idea that things have to be a certain way results in sadness, anger and frustration when things are not the way as expected. LEARN MORE…

Complementary Medicine

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine. Homeopathy can work well by itself or alongside other types of medicine. LEARN MORE…

Trends in Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine use and expenditures increased substantially between 1990 and 1997, attributable primarily to an increase in the proportion of the population seeking alternative therapies, rather than increased visits per patient. LEARN MORE…

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