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In treating patients one wonders more and more what disease really is. Where is it coming from? A first answer is that disease is dis-ease, not being at ease. The healthy inner tranquility is disturbed and unrest replaces it.

Why should unrest arise? Where does it come from? Conventional medicine mostly sees disease as coming from outside: from bacteria, viruses, traumas and the like. So those causes are treated, but does it really give relief? In chronic diseases it turns out that most symptoms are "treated", or better said, counteracted. The disease isn't really cured and the patient has to take medicine for the rest of his life, meaning that it's only palliated.

In homeopathy it becomes clear that disease comes from inside. The cause of disease is seen as coming from desires and the disappointments and fears arising from them. The idea that things have to be a certain way results in sadness, anger and frustration when things are not as expected. The solution is to free people from delusions and visions of how things should be.

I remember one of my teachers, Nancy Herrick, said, “What is within you that is truly you, can’t be changed, but what is within you that is stopping you from being you can be changed.” In layman's terms, this means that if you are living your life in your own prison of dis-ease, it can be changed.

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