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"My 4-month-old baby was diagnosed with acid reflux. You are a genius. Just had to tell you that because I gave him the remedy just as you instructed…and he did SO MUCH better (already) with that feeding."

Homeopathy is gentle medicine for children. It is a form of natural medicine that is safe and non-toxic. It is extremely effective for children. From babies to teenagers, from upper respiratory ailments to skin disorders, from ADHD to asthma, Avghi is skilled in choosing the exact homeopathic remedy to help your child. The remedies help not just with current symptoms. They work on a deeper level to bring the body back into harmony and balance.

"When can I go to the doctor again?"

You'd probably never expect to hear those words from your child–until you've been to Avghi's office. Then you'll understand.

“Are we going to that nice homeopath’s office?”

One mother told Avghi that is what her daughter said one day walking towards Avghi’s office. “I don’t want to go home, can I stay?”, a two-year-old complained as the appointment came to a close.

“My 8-month-old knew to open her mouth, like a little baby bird, when she heard me shaking the homeopathic remedy bottle.”

Imagine using a medicine that not only cures fast and will not cause any side effects, but that your children will love taking.

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