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"My 9-year-old son had trouble concentrating in school...I sought out Avghi knowing that homeopathy is very effective and not harmful or addictive. Today he excels in school, has many friends, the teachers sing his praises and his grades have improved."

Today many parents are concerned about the controversies surrounding vaccination. There is mounting evidence that some vaccines are potentially harmful. To vaccinate or not is a dilemma every parent must face. This question can only be addressed from a place of knowledge, not from fear.

Avghi is a resource in this area, providing objective information, offering alternatives and treating children who have had adverse vaccine reactions. Avghi sees a variety of pediatric patients who have been vaccinated and many who have not. Avghi’s goal is to keep an open mind and help the parent make a healthy decision for their child. Remember, you are the parent and you can make the decision for your child's health care needs.

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