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"Avghi is completely present, sensitive and caring in her professionalism and integrity as a healer.
I refer to her with complete confidence as my 'doctor' "

Please call the office at (310) 279-5010 to make an appointment. 

Avghi sees patients on weekdays and Saturdays.

Your first appointment will be about 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours long. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time the first time you come to the office. Avghi never wants a new patient to feel rushed and schedules the entire hour and a half to be dedicated to you.
Avghi will have you fill out all of the necessary paperwork via email, fax or mail before you come to the office. This ensures that the time spent in Avghi’s office is devoted to one-on-one interaction rather than filling out paperwork. The form is quite lengthy and she would prefer that you fill it out in the comfort of your own home. Please remember to bring it with you when you come in for your scheduled appointment.
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