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Toxins and Exposure Checklist

When I talked to Avghi on my first visit I found her very comforting, plus I felt she truly wanted to help me overcome this problem that was affecting my daily life."

Here is a short checklist of healthy home tips to keep toxins and exposure to unnecessary chemicals out of your body, along with some sources you can find online.

• Use stainless steel water bottles or glass.

• Use a chlorine shower filter and bath ball.

• Use a zinc oxide sunscreen (UVNatural.com).

• Use an airtube cell phone headset or the speakerphone setting (RF Safe at blockEMF.com).

• Leave shoes at the front door of your house to keep chemicals off your floors.

• Clean carpets with a Chemdry service (see the Yellow Pages).

• Use stainless steel, glass or enameled pots and pans, never aluminum or Teflon.

• Never use commercial air fresheners or scented candles, and keep the use of incense to a minimum.

• Avoid bathroom products with parabens, sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfates, and aluminum. Use organic shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, deodorant, and moisturizers (e.g. Avalon Organics).

• Check all packaged food products for partially hydrogenated oils (even if they say zero grams trans fats).

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